In his infinite wisdom and creativity the Lord has made humans in his own image, but in an incredible variety of type, appearance, personality and giftedness. All of them reflect his nature in some way, and none is more valuable or special than another. One of my favourite quotes, the source of which I have forgotten, is “God has no favourites, and I’m one of them.”

However, some people are more different from the norm than others, created as a gift for the rest of us. They are little understood, and often don’t even understand themselves. One such group of people are the burden bearers.

In this website we will look at what a burden bearer is, how they are made, what burden bearing is for, the special problems that can result from being a burden bearer, and what one can do in order to survive burden bearering and still do it well.

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  1. amaka says:

    Borden bearer

  2. Elaine Edington says:

    Needing teaching about the burden bearer .

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